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Thank you very much for your continued support.
We have established a Japanese branch office to expand our business in a global society.
Our company has been in business for 30 years (predecessor: 旧华洋机械厂), and we have come to this day with your warm support.
We value “sincerity,”“accuracy,” and “speediness,” and we have been making efforts and studying hard every day to be of service to our customers.

By devoting our enthusiasm to manufacturing, we have improved our technology and increased the number of products that our customers are looking for.
It is primarily because of your support that we have beenable to deliver our “special quality” to you. We will continue to develop our highly original business model to meet your trust and expectations, and we appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Corporate history

1992-2006 China state-owned company Former Huayang Machinery Factory manufactures motorcycle parts
2012 China Northfield United Technology Co., Ltd. established
Launch of RC servo manufacturer “Batan”
2013 Launched RC car manufacturer “LC Racing”
 Develop various types of RC cars such as buggy type, short coast truck type, monster truck type, and truggy type using a 1/14 scale common platform.
 In addition to 1/14 scale, 1/10 and 1/12 buggy-type RC cars have also been added to the line-up, gaining enormous popularity in China and the United States as low-priced, full-scale RC cars.
2017 Established a Japanese corporation “Ryusei Co., Ltd.”
 Started activities mainly for OEM contract manufacturing of RC parts
2022 Full-scale launch of RC car sales in the Japanese market
In addition to Japan, in addition to China, we are currently developing business in the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, and Germany.

Company Profile

Company Name,ltd.
Japan Market Representative HAN YANG
CapitalStock 20 million yen
Company Establishment September 1, 2017
Location #512 Daiyaparesu-tsudanuma 2-14-1 Maebara Nishi,Funabashi-shi, Chiba-ken 274-0825 Japan

Access map

81-4-101 Huaxiang Rd, Guangyang District, National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China

Contact Information TEL:047-407-1708 TEL:047-407-1708 FAX:047-407-1804
Correspondent Bank MUFG Bank, Chiba Bank
Business Description
  • Aviation radio-controlled (gliders, airplanes, helicopters) bodies and parts manufacturing
  • CNC precision machining
  • High-precision cutting
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles manufacturing
  • Radio-controlled car manufacturing

In addition, sales of the above

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